Best Acne Treatment? Prescription Strength Skincare!

We have reviewed and encountered multiple skincare products claiming to offer the best acne treatment, but is that really true?

Our finding is that many of them are bogus, although a few of them are effective for mild to moderate acne if used consistently in line with the manufacturer’s guide.

Let’s introduce you to a prescription strength skincare products for acne that’s well effective and well tolerated!

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Exposed Skincare Product Information

It comes in 3 Kits


1) Basic Kit

  • Costs $59.95
    • Includes Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum and Derm-X Cloth


2) Expanded Kit

  • Costs $69.95
    • Includes Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum, Moisture Complex and Derm-X Cloth

 3) Ultimate Kit

  • Costs $99.95
    • Includes Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum, Moisture Complex, Microderm Scrub, Derm-X Cloth and Probiotic Complex

About Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skincare offers revolutionary acne products manufactured in USA that have been used by over a quarter of a million people. It has received several 5-star reviews and amazing customer satisfactory feedbacks on its efficacy. This pricked my interest and made me want to find out why, and then I decided to dig deep. So is Exposed Skin Care good? Or is it really the best organic acne treatment kit out there?

With acne being a chronic disorder that presents with a lot of challenges (from pain, stress to embarrassment) for those who suffer from it, it’s ABSOLUTELY important that you’ll want to verify this claim for yourself (as unveiled in this review) since it could turn out to be life changing for you.

Now, let’s find out the secret about Exposed Skin Care

Product Description

best acne treatment

Exposed Skin Care products have both organic/natural and scientific ingredients which have been verified to work in less than 30 days and can clear acne with 98% success rate. I believe that’s pretty stacking, and it’s a testament to the fact that the products’ quality is extremely good.

The products combine the best ingredients of science and nature that have been successful in clearing the skin of thousands of people.

Basic Science Behind Acne

Acne is an inflammatory disease caused by multiple factors. Basically, acne can appear when dead skin cells combine with your sebum (due to excessive sebum production) that forms a plug that blocks the pores of the skin. This can promote the growth of acne causing bacteria within your skin pores. An inflammatory process then occurs which can eventually lead to acne. It can range from mild to severe and characterized by comedones (pimples), papules, pustules, nodules and severe cysts.

Product Ingredients:

1) Natural/organic ingredients

Tea tree oil (TTO)

TTO is processed from Australian native plant called Melaleuca alternifolia. Posses anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties. It helps in fighting bacteria implicated in acne and promotes healing.

Green tea

Green tea is a natural ingredient that has anti-inflammatory/antioxidant property. It’s beneficial in reducing sebum production and has both healing and protective properties. It’s considered to be very effective in the treatment of acne, and doesn’t have any significant adverse effect.

Passion flower extract

Passion fruit (passiflora edulis) originates in South America. Its extract extracts have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – effective in the treatment of acne.

Licorice root extract

It’s helps with reducing pigmentation, accelerates skin-turnover, as well as anti-androgenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that makes it effective in the treatment of acne.

Aloe vera

It has so many benefits. It’s effective in clearing acne scars due to its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. It also helps with wound healing and burns, depigmentation, soothing and moisturizing of the skin,

Sage extract

It’s one of the most important natural extracts you should keep an eye out for. In acne treatment, it helps with reducing irritation and redness due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, promotes healthy skin, prevents drying of the skin and protects the skin.


2) Scientific ingredients

Benzoyl Peroxide

It’s one of the most effective organic acne ingredients. There’s no where for acne causing bacteria to hide with Benzoyl Peroxide; It kills them on the skin and also goes deep into the pores to kill them. It’s also very potent in reducing excess sebum in the skin

Salicyclic acid (BHA)

This is a safe and effective ingredient that helps to decrease inflammatory lesions, unclog pores from dead skin, reduces the size of pores and prevents them from blocking again.

Glycolic acid (AHA)

It also a safe and effective acid that works at the deeper level of the skin – epidermis and dermis. With consistency, glycolic acid can help improve acne scars and cystic lesion. It’s also been shown to be significant in resolving comedones, papules and pustules. It also gives the skin a much brighter, younger look and rebuilds collagen in the skin


Adverse effects are rare. It’s keratolytic – meaning that it can soften the keratin layer and loosen scales, oxidizes bacterial protein in the sebaceous follicles, reduces anaerobic bacteria and irritating-type free fatty acids. Absorbs excess oil and skin toxins. It can also help with severe acne flare up

Azelaic acid

It reduces inflammation by normalizing the shedding of cells and opens the follicles – leading to reduction in comedones. It’s bactericidal and bacteriostatic against acne causing bacteria and has anti-keratinizing effect.

Pros and Cons of Exposed Skin Care Products


  • Combines soothing natural/organic herbs extracts and powerful scientific ingredients with rare side effects – summarized above.
  • It’s well tolerated
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages
  • It’s safe – free of toxic, banned or poorly tolerated substances such as parabens, gluten, antibiotics, synthetic fragrances.
  • It’s effective treatment for mild to severe acne.
  • Gives clearer skin in 30 days or less
  • reduces inflammation
  • kills acne causing bacteria
  • unclogs pores and prevents them from re-clogging.
  • penetrates the skin, thus making it effective at a deeper level
  • moisturizes, hydrates, smoothens and restores your skin balance
  • Gives a younger, brighter look
  • Clears hyperpigmentation (spots, redness, patches)
  • removes impurities, dead and dry skin cells
  • It’s been well tested – used by over a quarter of a million people with satisfactory (5-star) feedback.
  • 98% of users saw clearer skin and 96% reported improved skin tone
  • 1 year customer satisfaction money back guarantee



  • It involves a twice daily routine – morning and evening.
  • Although generally very effective, results may vary in various skin types.
  • Applying it to any other part of your body other than your face could be a challenge (due to its rigorous application process).

Guarantee: Yes

It comes with unconditional 1 YEAR Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

I believe this is great because not only does it make your skin acne free in 30 days, it promises to keep it clear and blemish free throughout the entire year.

Where to buy


You can buy from here: Exposed Skin Care

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