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Hi and welcome to our “About Us” page. We value your visit to our Organic Skincare for Acne website (skincareoss.com) and really hope we offer the information you are searching for.

SkincareOSS is a platform that’s run by FAMstores and behind SkincareOSS are Martins and Martha.

I, Martins (the publisher of this article), would like to indicate that our purpose is to use this website to bring to your doorstep relevant information regarding organic skincare for acne sufferers.

As someone who grew up with a sister who had her battles with acne growing up, I want to say I did witness early the physical and psychological elements of this unpleasant skin problem called acne. Apart from this early exposure, I had also witnessed Martha’s battle with a mild form of acne. Beyond these intimate circles, I have come to see the long term battles being fought by some individuals I have had contacts with who shared their struggles with me.

We have taken a stance to ensure that contents provided by us will be conscientious and of high quality in the hope that it will be beneficial to our audience in the end. This is borne out of our desire to help people who are suffering with acne, as we have chosen to utilize this platform as one of the ways to share relevant knowledge and experiences with you.

A short story about Martins and Martha.

We are blessed to be Australian citizens with a reasonable number of years working as nurses. I have been a nurse for 10 years and currently a clinical nurse. Martha, on the other hand, has been a nurse for 4 years

We do have our challenges like everyone else, including parenting, working full time and meeting our daily commitments etc. One of the challenges we enjoy is ensuring that we provide an updated platform that will be there for you.

As nurses, we both work in different disciplines. We love to help and care for people, as well as sharing our experiences, hence the need to set up this website.

Our background as health care professionals, experiences and exposure about acne propelled us to start this journey of sharing vital contents on organic skincare for acne. While I am a clinical nurse and have a background in Pharmacy where I learned about formulation of topical applications and various skin disorders such as acne, Martha is a registered nurse and has a lot of experience with acne, including organic skincare products.

We are uniquely privileged to offer advise when you visit us, as well as recognizing the impact of acne.

The solution

A lot of acne sufferers have been looking for practical ways to get rid of the problems. A lot of people who are yet to find the solution to their acne problems ought to be shown a path, and WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

This website shows people the path to finding the solution to their acne problems by providing what they have been yearning and searching for. It helps such people save time and perhaps years spent finding the solution by bringing it to their doorstep.

Our plan for acne sufferers

As we are both passionate about helping people look for ways to remedy their acne problems, our plan is to see that we are able to utilize this platform to change the lives of so many individuals and families.

We do not consider the information we provide a substitute for medical advise or intervention, but to enhance your knowledge on skincare (mostly organic) for acne, conduct reviews of skincare products while highlighting their benefits, pros and cons.

Attending to your physical appearance and being comfortable with it will go a long way towards improving your overall body image. Take it or leave it, unless one is strong willed, acne could present a lot of challenges to one’s body image.

We will be happy to see that this website will not only transform your physical appearance but also to help boost your body image.

Thank you for stopping by.

FAMstores (Martins & Martha)


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